West Pomerania Shorts Jury

Sylwia Witkowska

Culture animator, reciter, coordinator of the Active Senior Academy at the Municipal Cultural Centre, director of the board of the 8kobiet Foundation, organizational director of the Musicalovego Studio in 2018-2020. President of the Arto Foundation, for years involved in activities related to the culture of the living word. Since 2005, a specialist in the promotion and organization of events at the Municipal Cultural Centre in Szczecin, commissioner of the “Romantcznie” National Autumn Recitation Tournament. Experienced organizer of many cultural events, workshops for young people, adults and seniors, originator and artistic director of Dąbskie Wieczory Filmowe in Szczecin. Multiple laureate of recitation and theatre competitions.


Damian Romaniak

Film and literature expert, PhD in humanities, animator of film culture, film and literature critic, columnist, lecturer, lover of film discussion meetings. He hosted the “Kino Konesera” series at the Helios multiplex, has also ran the “Cyklino” Academic Film Club. He acted in a few independent productions, which were presented at festivals of strange and defi ant cinema. Author of many articles and reviews in the field of film and literature. Former editor of Onet Film and Horror Online websites. Editor in chief of literary-cultural “eleWator” quarterly magazine, host of the Szczecin Literary Thursdays in DK 13 Muz, and co-host of Wednesday Cinema Evenings with OFFicyna.